Shaman "Blesses" Participants of Amazon Pre-Synod With Mumbo-Jumbo

Isidoro Jajoy, a Shaman from Colombia's Inga tribe, “blessed” participants of an Amazon Synod preparatory meeting in Bogota on August 14. According to Catholic News Service the meeting was an opportu…
...pagan blessing...
Looks like it is time for a good ole Inquisition.
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People may have the right to practice whatever faith they choose, but it is the duty of our Church's leaders, men who are heirs to Christ's One True Church, to guard the faithful against such pagan practices.. That doesn't mean including them during Church synods.
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The First Commandment of God
Lesson 16 from the Baltimore Cathechism
205. How does a Catholic sin against faith? A Catholic sins against faith by apostasy, heresy, indifferentism, and by taking part in non-Catholic worship.
The Colombian episcopal conference in complicity with this act of public apostasy shared several photos of the pagan ritual on theirs Website and on their flickr account.
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Can`t even imagine wanting to be a part of that.
No Catholics in attendance.
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