Paper Catholics: Please, No Illusions About Africa

The percentage of the Catholics who receive the sacrament of confirmation is "very low" in several African countries, said Father Alain Clément Amiézi, a professor for dogmatics at Anyama Seminary, …
Pretty much show the priest's bias: "truly committed Catholics who are active in social and political fields."
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What are you talking about? Of course there are problems and there are missionaries that point the weaknesses, that's a pattern, it was lije that in Europe. Charlemagne's society was full of problems, his genius was to deal with them. Africa is nothing short of a great succesion of huge miracles and Christian africans and hispanoamericans will save Europe
"what are you talking about?" That is a good question. It would seem the point is that one should be realistic about the depth of the Faith in Africa. In no way does the statement deny what you have so well said. BTW who is today's Charlemagne?