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Writing Off Whistle Blower Viganó as an Anti-Gay Traditionalist Won’t Fly

The attempt of the leftist Bergoglio media "to write off whistle blower Archbishop Viganò as an anti-gay traditionalist won’t fly", the Murdoch New York Post commented on September 15. Contradicting …
Dolan has unleashed a wrecking ball, devastating the once tremendous N.Y. Catholic Schools.
Don’t forget that he was also the false bishop, who promoted and participated in the blasphemous, anti-Catholic themed fashion show at the Metropolitan Museum.
Jesus our Christ is sufficient, even through these horrible days.
God if this Archbishop has the truth on his side protect him
I feel badly. Forgive me for judging the Pope. I will continue to pray for him.. I have. I no right to say or judge him. Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I need to go to confession. TMI sorry😞
De Profundis
Cardinal Dolan once served as Secretary to Pio Laghi, who received complaints about McCarrick's homosexual predation. Dolan knew.
Jim Dorchak
Well Dolan is a dolt. But he also fights for his passion.... homo sex!
Hey ya gotta get your ecclesiastical priorities right .... it IS about homo sex.