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Dont forget it is a spiritual war
This is so true.. I gave my millennial daughter in law ( Catholic things, the Grandchildren ( play set of the Nativity scene) She does not want this in her house!!! My son made sure she was confirmed Catholic, but she has now taking him away from the Catholic church.. The children our not baptized!!! What saint can I pray too?!! ( My son loved the church, he made the sign of the cross when … More
I would bring it to the Blessed Mother.
The Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Monica who is the patron saint for mothers of wayward children.
Smells like little free masons behind this cartoon ad...
De Profundis
“O sinner, be not discouraged, but have recourse to Mary in all you necessities. Call her to your assistance, for such is the divine Will that she should help in every kind of necessity.” —Saint Basil the Great
Not funny at all...
...a cartoon of satire, not humor...and spot on.
De Profundis
A picture of reality in many families. Poor Mothers.