BREAKING: Benedict XVI Distances Himself From Sarah’s Book

Not surprisingly, Benedict XVI has distanced himself from the co-authorship of a new book on celibacy. His secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, told the Austrian news-agency (January …
This proves two things:

1) They are hellbent on the revolutionary agenda: married priests, prietesses, homo-priests (formaly recognized)...

2) We are in a totalitarian regime and Benedict is a prissoner.

And those two things prove a third one:

Did Gaenswein have his arm twisted...or was it slapped?
More like had his arse tickled
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It's so wrong! Cardinal Sarah showed the letters signed by Benedict XVI which prove his agreement to the joint publication of this book!
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Sad and confusing for all Catholics, as with everything in this 'pontificate'; building a 'bridge' to nowhere.
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Conservatives can't win in this game of treachery and blackmail.
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Good for us. Because there is no need to conserve the earlier stage of PC-Revolution.
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"Italian bishops' paper Avvenire reports Gänswein has asked Sarah to withdraw BXVI's name from cover/foreword. The paper states Gänswein says Benedict XVI authored the pages, but did not see/approve cover. If true, Benedict XVI is throwing Sarah to the lions of the next conclave." (Rorate Caeli)
Anyone who knows Cardinal Robert Sarah knows there is one thing he is not: a liar.
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Like all totalitarian regimes Bergoglio's pontificate will not tolerate any expression of opposition to their agenda
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There is no “bergoglian pontificate “
A formal excommunicated heretic like bergoglio can not sit on the Chair of St .Peter. Anyway that Chair is occupied by Pope Benedict who only half resigned the papacy.
Archbishop Ganswein is an extremely dangerous and noxious character.
That Pope Benedict is being manipulated by such a power mad schemer should be a matter of great concern to all Catholics.
Francis and Benedict both Neo Modernists.
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What matters is who is the true pope? That is of far greater importance. A formal manifest heretic like francis can not be a pope.There is enormous doubt surrounding the alleged resignation of Benedict. The only safe course therefore is to continue recognize Benedict as the Vicar of Christ.
Issues of modernism etc are really quite insignificant when it comes to who is the true pope.
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