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Vatican Is Place Of "Intrigues", "Slander", "Tricks" – Cardinal Müller

The problem in the Vatican is a "secularized thinking", even at the top [= Pope Francis], Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller told (January 13). For Müller it is “fatal” when bishop…
Catholics of good will keep the Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ .``He will tell the harvest workers to pullup the weeds ,first ,tie them in bundles and burn them ,and then to gather in the wheat and put them in the in my barn ``.Parable of the weeds ,Mathew 13 .
Cardinal Muller is a warrior, we should pray for a man like him As the head of Roman Catholic Church...
alex j
You jest of course??? He did very little in supporting Pope Benedict or in defending the faith against the modernist. Where was his voice when the "Dubia Four" needed support??? Now he speaks out having nothing more to lose. If that's the definition of a Warrior for the Faith, then God help us!!!
God is still in control, pray a real warrior will rise up....
wow .. very strong and truthful for Cardinal Muller .. bravo .. and instead of meetings and exchange of ideas or opinions, they should have spend those time in prayers and meditations ..
Ms. Frizzle
Hmm...makes Marcel Lefebvre more believable, eh?