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Angie W.

Bergoglio Suggests Mary Did Not Intend to Be ‘Ever Virgin’

Bergoglio attacked the dogma of the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. by THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D. 10 Oct 2018105...
We seem to deal more with this man than pray and deal with God...
We need good and faithful to Jesus clergy to stand up
Another statement that i wish he should not have said like many others ,Why????
More of the usual stuff from Filthy Frank.
Simple equation = offending Mary = offending God. Does this dude who calls himself pope knows anything about True God? Obviously not instead knows his own god aka Satan.
FALSE FRANCIS DECEIVES. He seeks the ruin of more souls. False Francis seeks to diminish the minds of believers, of the wonders and greatness of The Holy Family- Jesus Mary Joseph.
Therefore, this is a veiled attempt by evil Francis, to diminish by deception, the Greatness That Is Almighty God.
Holy Scripture teaches us. The Holy Virgin’s young life was filled with amazing events. “Normal” Jewish… More
Antipope” isn’t a title. It’s a criminal status.

-Criminals aren’t deposed, they are arrested.

-Holding the Catholic Faith, whole and entire, can NEVER, EVER be a schismatic act.

-God is immutable, which means UNCHANGING.