FINALLY: Bishops Defy Order, Reinstate Masses

The six Minnesota bishops have permitted parishes to resume public Masses defying a statewide order prohibiting religious gatherings which exceed ten people. “An order that sweeps so broadly that it …
...and, like always, everyone will ignore a success story like this because it contradicts the established narrative.
Not only open like in the cartoon, but fully open! Oh, thank God, thank you Dear Sacred Heart, thank you Our Lady Help of Christians! Oh, please let us in Ontario have also fully open Churches. The devil has _always_ done everything in his power to defeat the Catholic Church, starting with the Crucifixion!
True Bishops. God bless and protect them.
old school
Bishops you are true shepherds. God Bless
F M Shyanguya
🙏👍👏 Finally! God bless them and keep them!
P. O'B
Finally some bishops with courage, however late it has been in coming. Let a bishop or two be arrested, and let's see what happens then. Don't think these governors are unaware that they are attacking the Catholic Church, and don't think that they are not trying to hurt President Trump.
When November comes. It would be beneficial for Americans to be reminded of how their rights and religious liberty was removed unlawfully by those currently in office!
Socialist, communist leaning, embracing, democrats.
F M Shyanguya
@rhemes1582 They used these “rights” to usurp power and advance their beliefs.

But I say because of the said “rights”, American Catholic hierarchy ought to have told the authorities to take a hike. More blame on them than on the politicians. They will be held accountable.
F M Shyanguya
That is certainly True in my part of the country.
The Bishops withheld Sacraments and locked the doors of our Churches well beyond restrictions placed by secular govt.
Novella Nurney
Finally got that backbone transplant! Excellent! Roll it out to the rest of humanity!
"courage?" Where were they last week, and week before..."Do this in remembrance of ME, unless Caesar says not to" said no god ever.