Cardinal Kasper: Church Should become “More Protestant"

The anti-Catholic Cardinal Walter Kasper, 86, received applause after his Assumption homily on Reichenau Island, Germany. The oligarch newspaper (August 16), usually not interested in …
This artifact is an abomination and requires institutionalization. Perhaps that is what the Bergoglian conundrum in a straight jacket in a snake pit.
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Up next, "the Church should become more..." (pagan/ marxist/ muslim/ homosexual/ whatever will send humanity to hell the quickest)
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Thanks to VII the institiutional church is already protestant, however the remnant traditional Church is alive and well!
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And THAT was his Assumption homily??? Poor dear Blessed Mother
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Hell has a problem....not enough space for all the homoheretics falling in like snowflakes.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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"Cardinal" Caspa doesn't believe in God, as he made perfectly clear in his 1968's God and History, so he isn't quallified to give religious opinion or advice. He said: "God is history. For reverence to man, we have to deny an absolute God; if God were an absolute, we should be absolute atheists"...
Dr Bobus
He's a Hegelian. No surprise, that.
Well, I find it surprising! What will happen to his flock if he, himself doesn't believe in God?
They'll be tumbling into hell like snowflakes! What if I were one of his flock, and didn't know how or where to find truth?
We must redouble our prayers. Little Jacinta of Fatima made so many sacrifices to save souls!
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Dr Bobus
That Kasper is a cardinal is yet another gift to the Church by Cardinal Sodano.

When K was named cardinal, I wrote a friend (+) who was a theology prof in Rome, saying that K was a Protestant theologian. He replied that K is not even a good Protestant theologian.
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