'This isn't f****** Disneyland': Furious drunk man storms cathedral after crazy golf course install…

He shouted: "This isn't f***ing Disneyland, this is a f***ing cathedral, this is a f***ing disgrace." Feeney pleaded guilty to riotous, violent or …
Not that F-word cathedral, but a fake cathedral - yes. It was a real cathedral, not the D-land, about 500 years ago.
In vino veritas. :D --"But actually, the response has been overwhelmingly positive."-- Your Fallacy Is: Argumentum Ad Populum. Just because something is popular with many people does not prove it is good. e.g narcotics and prostitution
God bless him.
Time for pitchforks and whips to run heretics out if the House of God
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle