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Father Reto Preaches

The situation of the one who is not the Messiah

13th of December 2015 Father Reto Nay More
Holy Cannoli mentioned this post in I did a quick analysis of the video posted 6 years ago and the video that was filmed 8 months ….
Roy D'Oliveiro
God bless you Father! Just love to listen to sermons.
Dear Father Reto,
I'm dying of thirst please can we have more English preaching videos.
God bless and hope you are well.
Mrs L O'Brien
God Bless You father Reto Nay...God Bless for that Gospel
Harmonia celestiala
It is good to know that we always need the Messiah. Thank you for remember us in this homily.
Thank you Father Nay
Thanks be to God