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Cardinal Schönborn Again Makes Fun Of His Cathedral

For the so called December 1 World AIDS Day, pro-gay Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn invited a rock ensemble into the sanctuary of his 14th century Cathedral to perform a play called “Jedermann (…
Schönborn est un sataniste à l'image de son patron, le super sataniste Bergoglio dit François logeant précisément dans la loge de la Tarasque.
De Profundis
What does Schönborn think when letting demons Dance in his Cathedral.
There is a story of Padre Pio helping a priest who had been in purgatory for around a 100 years for not having enough reverence to bow to the altar every time he passed by it. The thought of what punishments may be in store for allowing this atrocity makes me shudder.
De Profundis
Pope Francis on Amoris Laetitia: "I recommend to you that you all read the presentation which Cardinal Schönborn gave, who is a great theologian."
De Profundis
Schönborn's parents are divorced. He favors Communion for divorced and remarried. His brother is gay.
The pro-gay apostate Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is in full communion with Bergoglio and was chosen by him as the official interpreter of his heretical Amoris Laetitia.

St. Paul warns that the defenders of those who practice the vice of sodomy are also sodomites themselves and are idolaters and let's not forget that theses apostate has also been linked to freemasonry.

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This rock band should be re-named, "Thirty Pieces of Silver"!