New Mexico Catholics want more protections for animals from abuse than for human babies. (And their bishop? Don't ask)

90 Clergy Including “Catholic” Churches and Episcopalian Priest Sign Letter Supporting Abortion

Ninety New Mexico clergy members publicly proclaimed their support for abortion on demand Tuesday in the Albuquerque Journal. Their open letter, …
Lucifer would say to Christ. "Every child YOU create to serve you - I will slaughter in the Mother's womb - thereby killing the child in ritualistic slaughter - and damning the unrepentant Mother eternally."

How anyone can command the murder of children ?- We need to use our God given "free will" to serve Christ and to put an end to Lucifer's ritualistic assasination of Christ's children placed … More
The baby butchers feel emboldened because the Almighty hasn't struck them yet. But, at the time of His choosing, He will strike and how horrible it will be.
God will take care o those people who were part and pushing for this holocaust
How long, Oh Lord, how long...?
Two very active female late-term abortionists have their abortuary in Albuquerque. One of them has been shown on video telling a patient she was sure the abortion was "what God wanted".