Don Reto Nay

Dutch Pensioner Identifies Himself as 20 Years Younger, Demands Legal Age Change

A Dutch pensioner doesn't just think he's only as young as he feels; he's been inspired by the transgender rights movement to initiate a legal …
secularistic evil idiologies , this country needs a lot of prayers
@pmfji The only thing they have not tried to do(I think) is to made artificial conjoined twins, as well as did Doctor Mengele! This is the only crime I imagined our depraved and stupid society has not done(yet).
The true order on the Earth is undermined, there is not respect to God, neither to the man, there is only the will of satisfying the personal pleasure. O how horrible is this neo-…
It's not just women who would like to be younger - men would like them to be younger too. Whence the pressure. But this is no surprise to me at all - it is the logical conclusion of the madness in the world today. If you can change your gender and the diktat of the day is 'of course you can', there is no rule left to say that you cannot do the same with your age. Or anything at all.
Old foolish man... And women usually want to do this...
And no matter what age is he, he will die as well as us