Catholic response to Abp. Chaput's slippery Fr. Martin Letter.

Father Martin: The Pampered Heretic - Fatima Center

Fatima Perspectives #1337 Perhaps embarrassed by the public criticism of his utter failure to warn the faithful not to attend a lecture by the pro-…
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Praying they get serious and excommunicate Jamie, every day he destroys a soul, a soul so precious that our lord suffered & died for. Jamie is wasting the blood of the lamb. Repent Jamie, our lives are short!
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Abp. Chaput has responded to Fr. Martin's response.
James Martin, the flaming pervert heretic leading many souls to hell. Just count all his social media followers. In the glorious days of the Church, he would be burnt at the stake for his crimes.
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Remember Our Saviour; we need to pray for James Martin. May God have mercy on him, and save the sheep who are in danger of going astray.
Incidently, he's also a member of the Pope's Communication Dicastry.