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"Conservative" Diocesan Bishop Retires With SSPX

After his retirement in April, Chur Bishop Vitus Huonder, 76, Switzerland, will reside in the boarding-school Institut Sancta Maria in Wangs, a village 30 km north of Chur, in Saint Gallen diocese. …
This story is a lie. How can be trusted? This article was published in 2015 and describes Bishop Huonder suspending a priest for 'blessing' an unnatural union.…/switzerland-bis…
Here is another article which describes the how controversial that Bishop Huonder is for his defense of the Faith, which is obviously not popular in Chur.…/44139666
And lastly, … More
Dear Mr. Outlier
If you call someone a liar, it would be proper to do so with your real name. Further, none of what you present, does unhinge Gloria TV's reservations.
Don Reto Nay; Perfectly said. We need Catholic bishops, not conservatives.
and the SSPX is fine with putting him up???
Don Reto Nay
@Prayhard: "Catholic minded" as long as the media leave him alone. We need truly Catholic bishops, not "Conservative" bishops.
Indeed Fr. What counted here was what he did or didn't do in his office, which can be characterized as the Conciliar path of least resistance, that is to say, a few unimpressive years.
Probably Catholic minded, but careerism is probably the primary motivation in him. Pro homo, anti-Catholic policies are conventional these days.