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German bishop says Catholic teaching on homosexuality should be rethought

Excluding certain groups is an expression of prejudice and leads to discriminating against them, says Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck Bishop Franz-Josef …
Sunamis 46
I think they should rethink, who they choose for bishop in germany-
But maybe the choose some of the german bishops on putpose
To empty the church...
Maybe one day they choose to stop collecting the church taxes?
As soon as islam is 75 % in getmany they rethink their faith , and return to god
I hope at least that this will happen
But only god knows
Overbeck has obviously forgotten his Latin. "Discriminare" means to see clearly the facts and their differences which is an indispensable condition for proper decisionmaking. Instead the bushop uses this term like all other demagogues to brandmark opposition as inhuman.
But the crucial error in the Bishop's rather long and boring text is to say that the Bible should not be fixed on certain … More
Jim Dorchak
What we are seeing is an Evil agenda. Using words, depictions, and terms that we used to associate with common sense and overall goodness. Here are a few of these things that have been stolen by the satanic side.
1. The rainbow
2. Gay
3. The word Gender (they have attempted changed the meaning)
4. Male/Female
5. Love... now it means sex.
6.... many more....
In addition this evil has changed righ… More
How did these guys become bishops ,? are they catholic ?
Sunamis 46
Good question....
They may be in the same club,to get higher ranking and promote faster
Bishop will have a hot surprise when he dies!
Sodomy is worse than murder some saints say. Should we comfort the murderers in their sin as well? No! These bishops have conformed to the world.
Sunamis 46
St hildegard talked about the century of the swine-
Guess what
The chinese year of the swine
Just started
Is he really seriously questioning Christ's authority over what is deemed Sin?
It's not really up to you Bishop, to accuse Christ of discriminating against Homosexuals, or to say His views are considered prejudicial

The Scriptures call it an abominable offence, and their sin was considered so huge that God destroyed the perpetrators of the act so that they would never behave that way again!

Bishop Overbeck is not a good Bishop. He says a lot of things which is not katholic.
Jim Dorchak
Sometimes discrimination could be a good thing... for instance I do not like fish ice cream... I discriminate...

I have no problem discriminating against those who support, partake, encourage, sodomy, homosexuality, and those acts. This is GODS law. Natural law. It is also common sense.
If that is discrimination then so be it.

Lets look at when it is now OK TO DISCRIMINATE:

Is it not discrimin… More
T'is a story often told
How idols make the head a mold.