Francis Has Broken All Records

Francis created more saints than all popes taken together since Sixtus X instituted the Congregation of Rites in 1588, writes (January 2). This Congregation produced until Pius IX (…
False Pope, all his actions will be proven false once the truth comes out....all Scholars and theologians take a seat, it clear as day at this point. All clergy that want to live in delusion about Francis being pope need to wake up...God gave us a Brain...use it...
Again... another deliberate "secularization" of the Church, a stripping away of its sacred mysteries. feelsbadman.jpg
When the uncommon becomes common, it also becomes the mundane, the ho-ho-hum, the 12 hour news cycle. Sainthood has ceased to become the privilege it was, and has become the right it should have never have been.
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The Oscars: and we award the next one for ?
All of Bergoglio's "saints" will go POOF! The day is fast approaching.