And Coronavirus: Huge Amount Of Traffic, Standstill in Donations

Is this for real? Trads fighting and fighting and fighting - each other. No other enemy around?

Traditional Catholics with little disagreements fighting with swearwords [I suppose for clicks and / or youtube-earnings]. This Screenshot is just one example of what is going on all day long.
Meanwhile on GTV.... ;-)
comfort ye
Yeah, I passed completely on this bunch. Nitpickers are so boring, and boorish!
Childish , immature and very un-Christ like. Shame.
There is nothing Catholic in this photo. You wouldn't even know that they were men if it weren't for their mustaches. And with the skeleton in the upper left hand corner they even look demonic!
F M Shyanguya
Exactly! Bothered me when I first saw it but shelved it.
F M Shyanguya
People still believe in Trad Inc after they have been exposed as to who they really are?