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In France Interview With Mysterious Bishop X Has Appeared

The Catholic Church has [allegedly] always welcomed homosexuals as seminarians and her structures allow them “to flourish almost naturally”. This thesis is expressed by an anonymous French bishop in …
The French started the destruction of the Church after the Reformation in 1789, they will fall to another revolution shortly but will rise as the first nation in the era of peace, hold-on its almost here!
Methinks Bishop "X" is X-communicated.

If he held these unorthodox positions PRIOR to the elevation to his See - that elevation is "void" perhaps even his "Priesthood" is invalid. Private sins can be forgiven but sinners, so lacking in respect for God that they call that "sin" an aspect of the Church's Teaching that hitherto God has clearly condemned will be called greater sinner's than ALL! …
Plausible. The remaining French Conciliar sect is stuffed with blatantly queer Modernists.
Pray ,resist reject and refuse ,evil idiologies
That is way the church needs cleansing ,and these bishops who think like this should get another job ,instead of living like princes at the back of the community,s money and distorting Truth and Faith .The other bishops who are quiet they are as guilty for not speaking up ,for Truth and Faith
Dr Bobus
I don't doubt this is coming from a bishop. There are many who, lacking anything but a vague faith, are unprincipled careerists who simply say whatever they think the pope wants them to say.
Jim Dorchak
It would have been nicer to have heard from a Catholic Bishop.
Bishop X = Catholic Impostor X
Sir. The Catholic Church does no such thing! It's all a figment of your imagination.
What you want to be "reality" and what CHRIST states to be "REALITY" are two totally different things. (and guess what? He'll win - since He's God, you're not - & to your own damnation you'll go where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth as Christ says in His Gospel

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