"Francis Errs” – Monsignor Nicola Bux

Pope Francis is generating “heresies, schisms, and controversies”, Italian prelate Nicola Bux, a friend of Benedic XVI and adviser to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, told the Italian …
En voilà un que l'Antéchrist va sûrement décapiter. Pour ne pas l'être, allez donc sur Catholique-Forum : catholique.forumactif.com
Well I wish they would all jolly well hurry up and sort it out. This time It's not JESUS who's asleep in the boat - it's THEM. WAKE UP!!!! Souls are at stake - including your own!
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Where the human mind is not fed with any doctrine at all, it is simply at the mercy of the first mean sophistry or two-penny cynical generalization that it may hear from a fast schoolfellow or vulgar employer.
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Plus, Bux says Benedict's resignation should be thoroughly examined...
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