"However, Sunday Mass attendance, considered a key indicator of faith life, has declined by about 10 points, from 29.5 per cent to 18.3 per cent during the past 2 decades."

Catholic population of S. Korea grows by 50% in 20 years

A study by the Catholic Church in South Korea shows that the number of Catholics in the past 2 decades has increased by 48.6 per cent, and today …
Grows 50%without MARRIED PRIESTS ,Do you hear that people in vatican ?
We have brothers in S. Korea. The picture they paint is not so rosy. Yes the Catholics there are very devout and orthodox but there is also a tendency to baptise without catechesis especially with recruits to the army who must choose a religion. Those who choose Catholicism are quickly baptised and registered but that's it. No formation, no catechesis.
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