Vatican Monsignor: “I’d probably stop going to Mass”

Monsignor John Kennedy, the head of the discipline section in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, told (January 2), “I suppose if I weren’t a priest and if I had a chil…
I suppose if I weren’t a Catholic and if I heard a msgr talking such insane things I’d probably stop going to Mass. Fortunately I am.
I have, sadly, heard clergymen talking drivel at Mass for years. I pray harder and hope.
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I think he's just trying to put himself in the shoes of those laypeople who've been abused or had family members abused. He's admitting that it could undermine or destroy one's faith especially as so many are so badly catechised. Just think of all those whose faith is shaken by PF's behaviour and statements!
Badly catechised? Yet you continue to recognize a manifestly false pope who was uncanonically elected. Benedict did not resign the office only the ministry. He is still the only possible pope. You refer to "PF". That individual is a formal schismatic heretic and not a catholic. Wake up and smell the coffee.
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