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Cardinal Schönborn: “I Was Victim of a [Homo]sexual Assault”

Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has revealed that he has been the victim of a homosexual assault. He told the Bayerischer Rundfunk (February 6) that in his youth, a [homosexual] parish-priest … mentioned this post in Abuse Hoax Live: Schönborn “Believes” Abuse Case That Was Proven Wrong.
Jim Dorchak
Why do you think he is smiling about it?
When Our Lord is prevented from amending our carnal inclinations - because we prefer to live in sin, (and do not wish to change,) - we put a barrier up between ourselves and The Lord - refusing to become as He wishes and caring NOT that we are identifying Him as being unjust to condemn the vice we refuse to condemn in ourselves.

Our Lord condemns the sin of Homosexuality. When we refuse to accep… More