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His Holy Name

I find it very pathetic that most people call other human beings hero. For example, most of Hollywood and sports figures are looked at as heros. One can write down all the so called “heros” of this … More
The saints?
Saints are great and it’s good to know people in high places, but they never rose from the dead like our Lord...not yet anyway, hopefully we can all rise from the dead someday...
But tha's not the point. But the essence of being a heroe: the meme says it is raising from the dead, but I don't think that's the core of the issue, but the will to give up your life for the Highest. Christ is the eminent heroe, for sure, but, read the Apocalipse, the saints are heroes, who fight and conquer with Him
I like the meme and I love Christ and believe I Corinthians XV. I'm with you about those pseudoheroes. But I think Christ gave us all the possibility to achieve Victory with Him
Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against saints, for I pray for their help in my life everyday...that being said, my point his no body should be called hero without giving full credit to Jesus first... because he is the true hero...
Let me put it this way, without Jesus as our center source of life, humans are just clay...literally just matter (nothing). Any other perspective is Protestant heresy....