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Is Pope Francis a Pagan?

Is Pope Francis a Pagan? Dr. Peter Jones, an English-born Presbyterian pastor in the U.S., has criticized Pope Francis’ assurance to a homosexual that – quote - “God made you that way”. For Jones … More
Holy Cannoli mentioned this post in Dear Eva, Please comment on the following: I did a search for the news presented by Doina and Luci….
Holy Cannoli
Dr. Peter Jones would make a much better Pope than Mr. clown Jorge!

The brilliance, insightfulness and keen analysis of this post is something extraordinary.
Dr. Peter Jones would make a much better Pope than Mr. clown Jorge!
Holy Cannoli
Is the Pope Catholic?

Hearsay cannot be used as evidence at trial.
For example, suppose that a witness stopped at the scene of a car crash. At the crash site, an injured driver stumbled up to her and said "Martians caused the accident!" Because of the hearsay rule, the statement cannot be used as evidence that Martians caused the accident. It could, however, be … More
Well most protestants know about the bible a bit and it is a shame when they have to lecture the so call "pope" on sound doctrine... and we know that by his behavior alone paganism would be a small thing, we must ask... is pope Francis a freemason? Think about it, Cardenal Maria Martini was a free mason (italian logia), part of the St Galle mafia and basically he spoke when alive, the same … More
Roberto 55
Dr. Jones is right, except he is out of the Church and also it is very sad that a protestant is lecturing the pope...
Holy Cannoli
The Ultimate Question

Test Yourself
Are you gay?
Yes, quite possibly. Denounces abortion after legalisation, but a continuous habit of Catholic statements admixed with words that don't even rise to heresy, but could be considered pantheistic instead.