Trump Wants Mass Back – Bishops Don't

US President Donald Trump said on May 22 that houses of worship are “essential places that provide essential services.” He added that “we need more prayer, not less.” Trump is rarely seen in a chur…
Gesù è con noi
2 Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this command: If any one will not work, let him not eat.
De Profundis
Bishop Thomas Daly should (adored by many "Conservatives") have been ashamed to sign this.
Etienne of Seattle fosters one of the worst Catholic LGBT ministries worldwide. He did not stand by a school principal who fired same-sex married.
Be Ye Separate
Trump's advisor/son in law, Jarrad Kushner was a life long Democrat. According to Wikipedia he also had dealings with George Soros'.
Catholics are meaningless to these people, money & control, that's all they lust for.
Life is in Christ, Jesus. All else moth's and rust destroy, thiefs steal, satan fools...
J G Tasan
The tree is considered ‘good’ by the fruits that it bears!

We know it already - by looking at his life style!
F M Shyanguya
@Be Ye Separate @J G Tasan The left/right divide is a charade in terms of thinking one side is for us, none is. But they also are divided - Satan house is divided that’s why it will not stand. Red more elitist than blue. Also, Revelation - we are in that time - speaks of the horns turning against the whore of Babylon. This may be the start.
Here's an idea... try judging Mr. Trump by his own actions, his own words (like those in the topic), not those of his relatives by marriage. Almost forgot... it's "Jared", not "Jarrad". *sigh*

There's a reason why leftists are always sneering about "dumb right-wingers". Sometimes it's even true.
Zionist Trump wants your vote ignorant Christian. Both parties are compromised.
Be Ye Separate
Hey Matt, I'll include you in my next decade of the Holy Rosary.
Almighty God bless you, brother.
Gotta love it. A non-Catholic is more "religious" than Catholic leadership. What's wrong with this picture? :P
If the bishops were fearless like Trump, the Church would conquer the world
Thank you President Trump Almighty God is very happy he let you be the president because you respect Him as our God and respect Our Holy Mass.
That is the problem, our Bishops are only concerned about the few years of temporal life, not the eternal years of the next life. Pray for them.