Judge W. Orrick told jury that he decided to find David Daleiden guilty of trespassing. Daleiden previously lost an attempt to have Judge Orrick removed from the case, for bias.

Judge In Planned Parenthood Trial Orders Guilty Verdict Against Journalist

The judge in the “Baby Body Parts” trial of activist and journalist David Daleiden has ordered the jury find him guilty of trespassing at Planned …
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Let it get even worse than this, the worse it gets the more will be revealed. The more evil that is revealed the more Numerous courageous Catholics will wake up!!!!
The judge orders a conviction on a charge? This goes against the whole point of jury trial. Talk about instant appeal material.
It sounds like the jury has the power to keep the rest of the videos under wraps or allow the release.
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He is on his way to heaven...This world needs to be saved...
Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice... Mt 5:10
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Almighty God will have the Last Word. May He Pour out His Grace in super-abundance on David Daleiden.

May God also Show his Mercy to those who have made themselves the children of the evil one, that conversion and life ever-lasting might be theirs by His Grace.

Veni Sancte Spiritus!
Mater Misericordiae, ora pro nobis!