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Abuse Hysteria: Young Priest Commits Suicide

Father Jean-Baptiste Sèbe, 38, a priest of the Rouen Archdiocese, France, committed suicide on September 18 after he was accused of sexual misdemeanour against an adult woman, three years ago. … mentioned this post in Second Young French Priest Commits Suicide.
What a sadness that he felt such despair. He did not know the Lord's mercy.
Very awful. May God have mercy on his soul.
@CarolineA03 I think they meant no charges of sexual abuse were brought against him.
Is this definitely a suicide? It says "No charges" were brought against him.
It seems a bit strange!

....also, The Archbishop informs us of the Priest's "Confession" of having committed a "misdeed " What "misdeed"? Is he telling us that the Priest made a full confession to him of the crime he was accused of, - ie, that of having committed a " misdemeanor" with "an adult woman?"

....also, Why … More