The OCCULT meaning of Bergoglio's words to Scalfari.....

Bergoglio declares to Scalafari: “I am the proof … that Jesus Christ was not God at all!”

The Quote comes from his best friend Scalfari. The citation is discussed by the renowned Vaticanista, Marco Tosatti (link: here). Here is the Englis…
Yeah he is proof.........
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Is there a reasonable recent video available where this pope prays the credo?
One version where he pronounces all the words?
Italian or Spanish?
For those who still believe he is the Pope, this is a great opportunity.
Find that video and post that link here.
But he must pronounce all the words.

Jesus Christ was truly dead He truly resurrected from the dead halleluja.
no tampoco.....
Rosaries without credo.
Never finishes more than 2 or 3 phrases of the lord's prayer.
And here maybe:
no also not

Well then. This one?
O no that was JPII, the last pope to pray the Lord's prayer in public,
One more comment from mystic
If there is a next pope, as part of the ceremony, he must pray in public the CREDO and the Lord's prayer out loud on camera, so we have that on file. Maybe every year a confirmation.
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