Hoogmade, Holland, Another church succumbs

"Today in Hoogmade, Holland, another church succumbs to mysterious combustion
When I asked God for a sign at one time in my life, the church that had my name, where I was baptized, Burnt down that very same day.
In the Netherlands.
Also the spire.
Now the spire is kind of repaired and the church, sold off to an entrepreneur is home to apartments and a yoga studio and a hotel.
How to interpret the sign.....
Here the video
It was a Catholic Church (Mary's Birth) and there was nothing mysterious: at maintenance works old paint was burned off, which caused the fire. (It is myterius though that in the past few years several Catholic Churches burned down in the Netherlands...).
"It is not a unity of religion we seek but a union of religious people. We may not be able to meet in the same pew, but we can meet together on our knees as Christians." An epic quote by Bl. Fulton Sheen