The Science About When Life Begins Makes Pro-Choicers Look Terrible

Pro-abortion rhetoric is really hard to follow. I was recently asked to give the pro-life side in an abortion debate on the Laura Ingraham radio …
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Hugh N. Cry
Leftists always knew it was a life... they aren't that stupid in this regard. This, there, is why they are truly evil people because they don't care about the destruction of the innocent. Their message or intent is what matters, not the facts, truth or morality.
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@Our Lady of Sorrows - No true saint would kiss the satanik Quran. Wojtyla is / was a fraud of the modernists. Never forget his disgustig blasphemy- Assisi 1986.
Pope St. John Paul II, repeatedly described abortion as “murder” and the “direct killing” of a human being.
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So when will Roe be reversed, being based on out dated medical error...?