Vatican releases new doc on ‘gender theory’ in schools, urges ‘path of dialogue’

Vatican releases ‘Male and Female He Created Them: Towards a Path of Dialogue on the Question of Gender theory in Education.’
The perverts occupying the Vatican likely adore 'gender theory.' likes this.
No authority to issue such a document…/pope-benedict-h…
There is even a Catholic Priest on board of Governors Fr Gerry Mulvihill @ St Anthony's Primary school…/catholics-must-… must read comments
boy going as a girl in "Catholic" Primary School (please read comments) likes this.
One more comment from Our Lady of Sorrows
Catholic Primary School St Anthony's Southwark London has gender neutral uniform, kids as young as four
UK "Catholic" primary school introduces “Gender Neutral” uniform
Education is not about dialogue. It is about instruction, induction and explanation.
I will dialog....your a homoheretic bye.