A 2017 survey shows that in Brazil, homosexuality is in the seminaries "a common thing, a reality ever more present”. It is believed “that in reality 90 percent of seminarians today are homosexual.”

Homosexuals In the Seminaries. A Startling Survey In Brazil

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Brazilian homosexual seminarians say that the seminaries should "accompany" them
Notice the word "accompanied".
Highly plausible in the age of homo Francis
because a lot of priests are homosexuals it does not mean its right ,we need bishops that love TRuth and do the right thing
Ever wonder why people are leaving the Church?? Homoclericalism
@Dr Bobus Maybe the consideration of not having a church in Brazil is an option? I have always felt, better no church than a homosexual one.
Has anyone done a survey on Transgender clergy that might have sneeked into the Novus Ordo.
Dr Bobus
If that's so, then the consideration of optional celibacy by the Church in Brazil is irrelevant