UK govt orders ‘places of worship’ shut down, Catholic bishops comply

Churches to close with immediate effect

Following on from the Prime Minister's message yesterday evening, churches in the Diocese of Westminster are to close with immediate effect and to …
Again, what the UK gov. orders, who complies, and how that order is enforced are three very different things. The Allahu Akbar crowd don't see themselves as Britons, they're Muslims first and foremost. They humor "Shaitan's" laws only until they can avoid getting caught breaking them. Lastly, the UK has a long history of turning a blind eye to such "minor" infractions.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Please see Right to life UK , N. Ireland will have the most extreme Abortion law in the World now, the silence from our Bishops and Cardinal Nichols is deafening
Our Lady of Sorrows
Despite being in a crisis the UK Government has just announced they will go ahead with an extreme Abortion regime on N. Ireland next week 31 March
One more comment from Our Lady of Sorrows
Our Lady of Sorrows
Cardinal Nichols is quick to close Churches to "save lives", but never lifts a finger to save over 500 babies killed daily in the UK, there is an Abortion clinic not too far away, but he never goes anywhere near it!