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Coptic-Orthodox High-Mass Celebrated in Roman Basilica

The Coptic-Orthodox Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria, Egypt, held on July 8 a four hour Divine Liturgy at St. Paul’s-Outside-the-Walls, one of the four Roman basilicas. The Copts are formally schismati…
Tawadros II strikes me as more of a pope than Bergoglio.
False Popes by the Dozen. Ratzinger, Bergoglio, and whatever cave this kreepy kreature krawled out from. Perhaps they can form a choir.
- Just last night, i read our beautiful true faith, the NICENE CREED: We Believe In ONE Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

The unfaithful goats will soon be judged by Christ our King.

Jesus please purify and strengthen me, Joseph a filthy sinner, and all us fait… More
Roberto 55
Jesus established only One Church-Catholic. So,Tawardos is no pope but schismatic and heretic, therefore they have no right to celebrate in catholic church!
An SSPX priest was given permission to offer a Mass on a side altar, and there is the unilateral recognition to Confession etc., but likely that is some effort to stir division among Traditional Catholics. Hell (which exists even if Frank thinks otherwise) would freeze over before a Pontifical High Mass would be celebrated with this Conciliar Pope.