Zero Mercy: Priest Hanged Himself

A police helicopter found the corps of Father Sébastien Dubois, the popular parish-priest of Saint-Arnoux in Gap, France, shortly after he had hanged himself on February 28 on a tree underneath the …
Wichita Knight
The word is 'corpse.' Corps is prounounced 'core', as in United States Marine Corps.
Alex A
Not so in other English speaking countries. Here in Australia, for example, it is pronounced as written, 'corpse'.
Today, everyone can accuse everyone of sexual assault since Vatican II promoted the sexual revolution. So it's not surprising that this gives rise to settling of scores, since Vatican II let go of all passions whatever they may be. I'm sure, but no one will say it, of course, I'm sure everyone agrees with what I just said, because everyone can see that.
J G Tasan
He was truly the Judas Priest!

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The sinner must be punished, but at the same time keep in mind that our sins are not greater than the Lord's death on the Cross.
Despair is the biggest crime.
We must maintain the faith of the Church as always. Expel any ideology that dynamite the moral of always.