These are the kind of quotes that will ultimately define Pope Francis' theological legacy. We should be grateful for them since no one can blame his critics for their content.
I would like to welcome everyone into the spiritual chastisement that is in the Fátima 3rd secret... 2019 we are living in it...pray for mercy and the true consecration of Russia the way the Virgin Mary asked for it to be done, not the fake versions that was performed in the past!!!!
what the...
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Makes no sense at all. Jesus knows our heart, yet Francis says we should let Jesus know our anger?? Jesus already knows our anger because he knows our heart. That means we have to ask for help. Not be angry with him or complain to him. If you saw Jesus in person would you be angry with him and complain to him???? No!! You would get on your knees and beg for mercy and forgiveness.
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It is possible in a very concrete set of circumstances; and with an attitude of reverence and devotion, as part of yoyr relation with Hod. According to that of Santa Teresa: praying is talking about love with the beloved... ETC.
Well, let me concretize: one time, she was riding in a wagon, very ill, as always. The wheel detached from the wagon. She complained to Jesus. He told her: "Teresa, that's how I treat my friends". She replied: "that's why you don't have friends, go figure"... @Lalanz
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Getting angry at Jesus is no sin, in itself. In fact, in the extraordinary relation between Him and Santa Teresa de Ávila, she, sometimes, got mad at Him, she was NOT disrespectfull or blasphemous, but she got angry, all right. You need to read about that, read Santa Teresa, the kind of intimacy she had with Christ is remarkable.
Personally I am a lot more worried about Jesus, The Creator of the Universe being angry with me!
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Getting angry with Jesus is a form of sin!!!
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Is sin.