Sen. Kelly Loeffler sold between $1.2M and $3.1M worth of stock in the three weeks beginning on Jan 24—the day of a closed-door, all-Senator briefing on the coronavirus

Sen. Kelly Loeffler Dumped Millions in Stock After Coronavirus Briefing

The Senate’s newest member sold off seven figures’ worth of stock holdings in the days and weeks after a private, all-senators meeting on the novel …
So Martha Stewart gets jail time for $40k in insider trading, but this politician gets the briefing . Ah yes, the privilidge class.
Called insider trading and she should get jail time.
Jungerheld They had their chance for that and dropped the ball. If anything, they forget history. Voters tend to re-elect "wartime Presidents"., it's the whole crisis effect. This might even ensure Mr. Trump's re-election.
The Dems. are trying to blame Trump for not acting sooner. They had the same info. he did and what were they doing? Circling their wagons, salivating over their impeachment hopes.
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