Read For Fun: Francis’ Dearest Smear Adjectives

Francis said on September 23, that he is “allergic” to adjectives, “We have fallen into the culture of adjectives and adverbs, and we have forgotten the strength of nouns … Why say 'authentically …
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In the US adverbs have all but been suppressed.
You forgot Pachamamas!!
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
"smarmy idolaters"? Pope Pachamama almost certainly used this one before the Amazonian Synod and never since. :D
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Happy new year to Vigano ,God bless you
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Antipope is a noun.

Get out of Dodge, is a verb.

Antipope Bergoglio—Get out of Dodge.

Repent, Antipope Bergoglio. (Verb, noun).

Begone. (Verb)

Antipope ‘Francis’. ( Noun. )
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Francis, did you say something ????????
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