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Another Gay Seminary Is Blowing Up

Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston, USA, has booted the rector of the archdiocesan seminary St John and announced a major investigation. O’Malley said in a statement (August 10), that he is reacting …
Comme on le voit, c'est quand les affaires se savent sur la place publique que les gros monsieurs réagissent, pas vrai O’Malley ?
A cunning Bergoglian underling, posing as an honest critic, with a contrived reputation of caring about child protection. Given the decline he has overseen, Francis is likely happy with him, and minds little criticisms over child protection.
They only act when they get caught and it's in the news. Otherwise, it's all good.
Reminds me of the Russian upheaval in the 1990's. A whole of sound and fury.
angry bob
If this crisis didn't happen that rector would still be there. These Cardinals and Bishops are showing their true colors.