9 1 12.1K Removes Report: Outcome of Secret Australian Kangaroo Court Must Be Kept Secret

On December 11, under this URL a [truthful] piece of news about the outcome of Cardinal George Pell’s retrial was published. The news was based on first hand information. received an email …
En fait Vatican News nous apprend que Pell a été condamné mais que cela ne sera confirmé ou infirmé que dans quelques mois. L'Antéchrist en a profité pour le démettre fin octobre, comme quoi la décision australienne vient de lui : c'est une basse vengeance.
If you're interested in great injustices, you should research the hell Abp Pell put abuse victim John Ellis through in what is known as the Ellis Defense in Australia. Pell is not a righteous man. What he did to Ellis was as morally repugnant and evil as it gets.
paul grech
The jurisdiction of this kangaroo court in Melbourne is limited to Victoria in Australia and the suppression order is not binding anywhere outside that area. Spirovska (Russian KGB?) is certainly abusing her position.,
God Bless you Gloriatv, such evilness goes on behind closed doors, but God will bring their darkness into light. I pray that God rebukes all those who bear false witness against this good and Holy man and all those who falsely accuse others. False accusations are indeed a great evil, not even a animal will scoop so low as these kind of wretched souls!
This is the fourth (or sixth) time His Eminence has had to face these charges. When he became Archbishop of Melbourne in 1996, he established the "Melbourne Response" diocesan protocol to investigate complaints of sexual abuse. He stepped aside as archbishop for an investigation of the charges against him and was cleared. Between 2013 and 2017 he gave testimony three times before the Australian … More
Media reporting on the Cardinal Pell trial cannot be shared by viewers IN AUSTRALIA due to a Suppression order.
Jim Dorchak
Ok this is simple ... all you people in Auz will need to just shut your eyes.... ooops too late!
Heads up, dear Eminence.