Remarkable view on origins of Papal Infallibility, As Franciscans handed assets to the Pope so they could live in poverty, they didn't want a future Pope to deprive them of their rights & so argued … More

The pope is never wrong: a history of papal infallibility in the Catholic Church - Connecting …

Why is the pope 'never wrong'? Rebecca Rist provides a history of papal infallibility, from the early and medieval Catholic Church and papacy to …
From this article, "The idea of papal infallibility arises in the thirteenth century in the context of increasing Franciscan influence at the papal curia. Pope Nicholas III (1277-1280) had approved the idea of apostolic poverty and arranged for the papacy to own all the Franciscans’ wealth to allow them to live in poverty. However the Franciscan Peter Olivi (c.1248-1298) was worried that a … More