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Pope, in book, says homosexuality incompatible with priesthood

Photo ~ Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna Pope, in book, says homosexuality incompatible with priesthood Nov-24-2010 "Homosexuality is incompatible with the priestly vocation. Otherwise, celiba…
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Hey Cannoli, strumboli, pepperoni; why do you think your right all the time? Reading some of these posts, you always have to have the last word and don not like it when someone else has an opinion different than yours! Pretty immature. Why don't you go relax or make a pizza and calm down.
Holy Cannoli
Different times call for different solutions.

Yea, that's what the pro-aborts and homos say.

That's a completely illogical comparison and a classic example of the Strawman Fallacy.

Bottom line...with all the mess in the church, no Pope, no human, is going to change a thing.

That's your bottom line. The fact is that married converts from other denomi… More
Different times call for different solutions.

Yea, that's what the pro-aborts and homos say.

Bottom line...with all the mess in the church, no Pope, no human, is going to change a thing. Too can go round and round and you'll end up in the same place, scratching your 'whatever.'
We can say this and that about this pope and that pope, they should have done this or they shoul… More
Holy Cannoli
Different times call for different solutions. These are desperate times calling for desperate solutions. The ideal is one thing while the practical, at least in these times and in this case, is something different.

BXVI's solution seems to be to simply re-state the rule and then sit back and wait for the order to be executed by a subversively unwilling executive body.

Clearly, that can't work. …
For I would that all men were even as myself: but every one hath his proper gift from God; one after this manner, and another after that.
But I say to the unmarried, and to the widows: it is good for them if they so continue, even as I. (1Cor 7: 7-8)

But I would have you be without solicitude. He that is without a wife, is solicitious for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please … More
Holy Cannoli
We are no longer living in Apostolic times and it is unreasonable and unfair to their families to think married men would/should leave their wives and children to be a priest or to be anything else for that matter.

Until there is a better solution, I would prefer having one married priest with a family, a part time dental practice who painted houses on the weekends, rather than 10 homos … More
We have a few Eastern rites near us. I have attended the Byzantine Liturgy and sometimes go for Lenten dinner at some of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. The priests are with their families at times and you can't help but wonder how they can be expected to shepherd the people when their own families will Always come first. One priest who is married is also a part-time dentist. Now, how can he … More
The disciplinary rule of celibacy is not doctrine or dogma. St. Peter the first Pope, and some of the Apostles were married, and Jesus chose them. There were also some married priests in the early medieval period. So, there is a precedence for allowing married men to become priests in some cases within the Latin rite. It definitely would undermine the lavender mafia in the Church.
Holy Cannoli
It's not "rubbish." Eastern Rite Catholics are as much Catholic as you are.

I would be for any plan (short of women priests) to get rid of the homos that have plagued the Catholic Church for decades. ($3 BILLION in money damages to say nothing of the loss of moral authority and respectability around the world)

This cancer has spread even to the highest offices of the episcopacy including cardin… More
Non-sense! the answer is not to go with the world and ordain men not to be celibate.
Christ the king was celibate and the ordained priest hood will remain in imitation of Christ. Stop this rubbish.
This is the Latin rite, we are not eastern, ok?
Holy Cannoli
The Roman discipline of a celibate clergy is of Apostolic origin - to change it would be to make things worse in the long run.

Mere speculation with no evidence to prove it. A married clergy works for the Greek Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholics and, as of recently, even among Catholic converts who were married ministers in other denominations and are now married priests.

But, there is more … More
Everyone should read, "Goodbye Good Men" by Michael Rose, if they haven't......Some of the priests who spoke to Mr. Rose of the corruption did so only if they were not identified by name, fearing retaliation by the homosexuals and feminists in authority even today. Some agreed to be identified. Others who never gained acceptance into a seminary, or who gave up their vocation with their faith … More
The problem with vocations is complex; there are many factors. One that is often overlooked is contraception. Once Catholics start contracepting the Catholic population begins its decline. it's there in the statistics. Before contraception was legalised in Ireland about 1978 the Net Fertility Rate was about 3. After legalisation it declined steadily and dropped below Replacement Rate (2.1) about … More

we have a Lavender Mafia running the Church is that in the context of an industrialized society healthy and ambitious young men have lots of other career choices aside from the military, the Royal Bureaucracy, and the Church. This has been obvious for the past 70 years at least. Normal young men would prefer to go to graduate school and get married and have a family than live a life … More