In my assessment, the first “apparitions” (and probably a good part of the subsequent phenomena) are of “preternatural” (i.e., outside of nature) origin, that is, they derive from evil spirits whose … More

Medjugorje: focus on the first ten days

One would think that the ardent promoters of Medjugorje would be overflowing with Christian virtues, given that they supposedly get the benefit of …
apvs mentioned this post in Cher @gerard57, par soucis d'objectivité, je vous soumets ce document, trouvé par l'intermédiai….
This is a damning article against Medjugorje, the contradictions, the disobedience, the scandalous behavior of those in charge.
prayhard: when you read the Bible with an unwilling or even ill-affected mind, it is not difficult to find 'grave errors' and 'contradictions' even in the words of Jesus. He preaches love and He says that we must 'hate' our parents. (Don't give me an exegesis because I know already; it is just about what you want to read in a certain text). I have been more than 50 times in Medjugorje and to me … More
The local Ordinary always rejected the alleged visions which are both incoherent and contradictory, as noted in the link. The locutions also contain grave errors which explains why Francis has taken a benevolent interest in it. It means an easy way to do harm.
Maccabean Uprising - maybe it is your conviction that the N.O. is invalid, but that is just a personal opinion which deviates from the entire Church. And still, it would make it even more strange that all these good fruits come forth from such a "diabolic" place with an "invalid liturgy". Strange...
Maccabean Uprising
@petrus100452 - The Novus Ordo rites are most likely invalid.. and because of this.... the things mentioned in your list (reasons why Medjugorje is legitimate) are negated.
Strange that so many people have found - en still find - God in a place that would be derived from evil spirits... Strange that in no other place of the world so many people go to confession and convert to God.... Strange that so many people, more than any other place in the world, come together several times a week to adore Jesus in the Holy Eucharist... Strange that several new religious … More