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Bishop Schneider: ‘The entire Catholic Church and the Catholic faith are stronger than German’s “…

The so-called “synodal path” (Synodaler Weg) is ultimately an attempt to give official approval to truly heretical doctrines, with their correspondent sacramental and pastoral practices. These …
Francis is an anti pope, all those who pay allegiance to him are in schism and what a great schism.
Conquer evil with good or wet noodle
where where are the Teutonic Knights,
" excommunicated formal heretic like Bergoglio" @Thors Catholic Parot He doesn't recognize "Bergoglio", Crackers. He recognizes Pope Francis who hasn't been excommunicated as a "formal heretic" at all. You keep repeating this lie and never supply any proof. Nobody has "excommunicated" the Pope.
Bishop Schneider instead of mouthing constant platitudes needs to stop recognising an excommunicated formal heretic like Bergoglio as any kind of pope.