Big Question: Do They Die from “Coronavirus” or From Euthanasia?

French doctors have been allowed to administer Rivotril in injectable form to elderly “coronavirus” patients especially in retirement homes. Rivoltril (Clonazepam) is used as a sedative. It slows …
This is how "emergencies" are used to change society. Scary because we're all watching it happen in real-time.
sorry, bad nazis
Roberto 55
They put all deaths to corona statistics. How many people died every single day before corona (in France)?
Novella Nurney
I agree. No one seems to be dying from the flu this season. Everyone is dying from the Corona 19 virus. How they know this is yet another mystery, since vast swaths of patients have not been tested , and the tests vary in effectiveness.
Doctors like that would make good nazis
Novella Nurney
Or serial killers.