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Cardinal, EU-Parliament's President Participate in Mother-Earth-Show In Lateran Basilica

Cardinal Angelo de Donatis, the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, held a November 11 meeting in the Lateran Basilica called “Together for Our Common Home”. This was the first of a series of monthly meetings …
Le cardinal vicaire de Rome et le président du Parlement européen participent au spectacle de la Terre-Mère dans la Basilique du Latran
Le Cardinal Angelo de Donatis, Cardinal Vicaire de Rome, a tenu une rencontre le 11 novembre dans la Basilique du Latran intitulée « Ensemble pour notre maison commune ». Il s'agissait de la première …More
Le cardinal vicaire de Rome et le président du Parlement européen participent au spectacle de la Terre-Mère dans la Basilique du Latran
Le Cardinal Angelo de Donatis, Cardinal Vicaire de Rome, a tenu une rencontre le 11 novembre dans la Basilique du Latran intitulée « Ensemble pour notre maison commune ». Il s'agissait de la première d'une série de réunions mensuelles prévues jusqu'en juin 2020.

Dans son discours De Donatis a utilisé l'expression païenne « notre Mère la Terre » qu'il a appelée « notre maison commune » dont nous devons prendre soin.

Le président du Parlement européen, David Sassoli, a salué l'encyclique Laudato si de François pour « tout réconcilier » et pour avoir cité des théologiens non catholiques.

Il a annoncé qu'il voulait « essayer de réguler la mondialisation ». Pour ce faire, il utilisera - ce qu'il a appelé - un « secret » de François qu'il a expliqué comme « dialogue - avec les autres religions, avec les hommes et entre les peuples », bien que François ne dialogue qu'avec ceux qui sont d'accord avec lui.

De Donatis a fait don à Sassoli d'un amandier.

[Ensuite de quoi, ils ont bu un coup dans la Basilique du Latran comme dans un bistrot, comme cela se fait dans beaucoup d'églises, comme par exemple à Saint-Donatien de Nantes ! Et qu'est-il arrivé ? Saint-Donatien a pris feu ! Ils restaurent l'église, mais ils recommenceront. C'est un exemple parmi beaucoup d'autres... Anathème au clergé conciliaire !]
David the „Watching”
Cardinal Angelo De Donatis (= Angel the 'Donator') offered David Sassoli an almond tree (in a pot) during the first conference from the cycle 'Together for our common home', reflection around 'Laudato si,' organized at the Lateran Basilica on November 11, 2019. This highly symbolic act prompted me to take a closer look at this event (… ). …More
David the „Watching”
Cardinal Angelo De Donatis (= Angel the 'Donator') offered David Sassoli an almond tree (in a pot) during the first conference from the cycle 'Together for our common home', reflection around 'Laudato si,' organized at the Lateran Basilica on November 11, 2019. This highly symbolic act prompted me to take a closer look at this event (… ).
An hour long inaugural lecture, „Difendere il pianeta per difendere le sue creature” ('Defend the planet to defend its creatures'), was given by Dawid Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, perversely praising the Apostate's document - his ecumenism, environmentalism (probably also pacifism) - he promised to "regulate" globalization, or world rebellion against Jesus Christ the King. Elena Sofia Ricci, an actress from Florence, performed as a priestess of the word, reading (reciting?) fragments of 'Laudato si' and the song of Saint Francis of Assisi.
At the end of the meeting, the Cardinal Vicar of Rome offered the almond tree to the President of the European Parliament. The vicar acts on behalf of his principal, so it is Jorge the Apostate, the high priest of the anti-Catholic Roman clergy, who offered the almond tree to the supreme (theoretically) ruler of the secular anti-Catholic Roman empire (European Union).
David Sassoli (= David the Pebble; it. 'sassolino' = 'pebble') was born in Florence on May 30, 1956, baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, an amateur of Neapolitan Christmas crib, a favorite of the Italian Episcopate and cultural leftist.
For Florence, Michelangelo carved a monumental (5.17 m high) statue of King David in Carrara marble. He was to top (in a group of Old Testament prophets) one of the buttresses of the then newly built Florence cathedral of Our Lady of the Flower. However, due to the weight of the statue, ca. 6 tons, this idea was abandoned - it was placed on the square in front of the town hall and was unveiled solemnly on September 8, 1504. Therefore, David in addition to the religious function of watching over the new Ark of the Covenant, i.e. the Holy Virgin, was also endowed with a secular function: the ruler of Florence, i.e. the city of the Divine Mother of the Flower, new Jerusalem. Let's look at the map of the starry sky that September Sunday AD1504: Virgin Mother (Venus Luna) was in the company of Saturn ('6'), i.e. the David's star. It was a new moon (in the southern Pacific and Antarctic Ocean an annular eclipse of the sun was observed (rather not by humans), so Luna was in conjunction with the Sun in the head of Virgo (constellation), and Venus went along with Mercury (= Fire). Because the man is the head of the woman, so this artistic happening (from the top shelf) in Florence, in conjunction with the image of the sky, was the announcement of the birth in the royal house of David (Saturn in the 'Gate of Heaven', the Crab constellation) of a descendant, who will be the head of the Virgin Mary, i.e. her husband. The city of Florence has a lily in its coat of arms, so we have to speak consistently of the Divine Mother of the Lily, the symbol of the eldest Daughter of the Church. This statement makes it possible to clarify the prophecy: The Fire from David will come from the royal house of France. This Florentine prophecy corresponds to the words of the Savior himself - "I came to cast fire upon earth ": the statue of David did not stand high on the walls of the temple, but landed on the ground near the town hall. This Fire is the second Comforter, the Paraclete promised by the Lord Jesus.
In the scene of the meeting at Lateran of two hierarchs, a clergyman and a layman, a vicar and a chairman, the almond tree represents the descendant of King David, in addition a very special one, namely the Paraclete himself! Why? The answer can be found in the first chapter of the Book of Jeremiah [Jr 1, 5-19]. The following verses refer both to the person of Jeremiah, King David, as well as to each of his descendants called by God to fulfill a special mission in the plan of Salvation of mankind.
[5] „Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee, and made thee a prophet unto the nations.”
Ad5 - God acts deliberately and consistently implements his strategy.

[6] „And I said: Ah, ah, ah, Lord God: behold, I cannot speak, for I am a child. [7] And the Lord said to me: Say not: I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee: and whatsoever I shall command thee, thou shalt speak.”
Ad6 and 7 - Called do not speak in their own name but God …
[8] „Be not afraid at their presence: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord.”
Ad8 - ... and enjoys His protection.

[9] „And the Lord put forth his hand, and touched my mouth: and the Lord said to me: Behold I have given my words in thy mouth: [10] Lo, I have set thee this day over the nations, and over the kingdoms, to root up, and pull down, and to waste, and to destroy, and to build, and to plant.”
Ad9 and 10 - Here appears the specific mission of the Paraclete as the Lord of All Nations endowed with supernatural power to renew the face of the earth.

[11] „And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: What seest thou, Jeremias? And I said: I see a rod watching. [12] And the Lord said to me: Thou hast seen well: for I will watch over my word to perform it.”
Ad11 and 12 - The rod (twig) "watching" is just an almond tree, so called in Hebrew, because it blooms at the earliest of all trees, already in January. Figurally: In the winter of the Church, during the period of greatest oppression, David the „Watching” will flourish, God will send the Paraclete as the protector and guide of the rest of God's Children who will survive the tribulations.

[13] „And the word of the Lord came to me a second time, saying: What seest thou? I see a boiling caldron, and the face thereof from the face of the north. [14] And the Lord said to me: from the north shall an evil break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land. [15] For behold I will call together all the families of the kingdoms of the north: saith the Lord: and they shall come, and shall set every one his throne in the entrance of the gates of Jerusalem, and upon all the walls thereof round about, and upon all the cities of Juda,”
Ad13, 14 and 15 - "The Kingdoms of the North" is the European Union and all countries, including the Vatican of today, recognizing so-called "European values" in essence anti-Catholic, which is a bold rebellion against God and his rights. Vicar of Rome Angelo De Donatis and President of the European Parliament David Sassoli sat on the armchairs (thrones) in the Lateran Basilica – Mother and Head of All Churches in Rome and in the World - that is at the entrance to the gates of mystical Jerusalem.

[16] „And I will pronounce my judgments against them, touching all their wickedness, who have forsaken me, and have sacrificed to strange gods, and have adored the work of their own hands.”
Ad16 - This verse refers to pagan ceremonies in the Vatican Gardens on October 4, as well as the spiritualistic enthronement of Antichrist on the papal altar on the tomb of Saint Peter the Apostle on October 27 of the same year on the feast of our Lord Jesus Christ the King and a mock mass on the bare altar in the Lateran Basilica on November 9, 2019, on the anniversary of its consecration. These three acts were intended to desecrate the Vatican Hill, the tomb of Saint Peter and the Mother and Head of all Churches of the City and the World by exalting the spirit of Antichrist.

[17] „Thou therefore gird up thy loins, and arise, and speak to them all that I command thee. Be not afraid at their presence: for I will make thee not to fear their countenance. [18] For behold I have made thee this day a fortified city, and a pillar of iron, and a wall of brass, over all the land, to the kings of Juda, to the princes thereof, and to the priests, and to the people of the land. [19] And they shall fight against thee, and shall not prevail: for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee.”
Ad17 / 18/19 - The Florentine statue of King David is known in the world in numerous copies, including bronze (and perheps iron) ones. The paraclete, a powerful man from the royal house of David, will act against all who have forgotten God and his natural law, in particular against the rulers of post-Christian states and the hierarchy of the anti-church, this work of unfaithful stewards who were to guard the deposit of faith entrusted to the holy apostles, but by surrendering to the power of Jorge the False Prophet, they propagate the blasphemy of the Great Whore, whom they allowed to settle on the Seven Hills on the Tiber. Almighty God will give the Paraclete extraordinary protection.
The almond tree in the happening in the Lateran Basilica stands behind the back of the secular ruler of the European Parliament, in which the mockery of God, his eternal law and religion is on the daily basis. President David Pebble, a Florentine, watches over this slut. Who is he? Is he ... Antichrist? Is he the character born on the lawn in the Vatican Gardens during the magical rites of October 4, introduced on the papal altar in St. Peter's Basilica on October 27, and finally publicly revealed in the most important temple of Christianity, the Lateran Basilica on November 11. Is that him? This is a key issue.

However, just behind the PE' President appears the green almond tree: David the „Watching”, not of stone, or a pebble, but the living Paraclete. On this day, November 11, 2019, Mercury (the planetary symbol of the Fire) passed almost through the center of the Sun's disk. What's more, Virgin Mother (Venus / Luna) was in the exclusive company of this Fire (Mercury). Luna walked through the head of the Sea Monster (constellation Cetus), and Venus resided in Serpentarius (Snake Bearer) - vis a vis Antares, the heart of the great convert. Figuratively: The Second Comforter promised by Jesus Christ, the Paraclete is one of the converted prodigal sons of our Mother Holy Church, appointed to crush the head of an ancient Serpent, who slipped into the Temple of God and desecrated its foundation (the tomb of the Prince of the Apostles) on October 27 and then the whole edifice which is the Church (Lateran Basilica) on November 9, 2019. The Paraclete will face the Beast coming out of the sea, the Antichrist.
November 11th also includes the commemoration of Saint Mercury, a famous Roman general who masterfully struck the emperor Julian the Apostate with his spear. By freeing Christians from this cruel persecutor at the same time, he led him to conversion and that is why we should rather talk about Emperor Julian Penitent. The fate of the Beast-Antichrist, this baptized Roman Catholic, will be different [Rev 19, 20]:
„And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet, who wrought signs before him, wherewith he seduced them who received the character of the beast, and who adored his image. These two were cast alive into the pool of fire, burning with brimstone.”

Nov. 20, 2019 on the 60th anniversary of the dedication of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D.C., USA and the commeration of Saint Basil of Antioch
Let the biblical curse fall on this schismatic apostata SATANIC SECT that worships the Pachamama led by the vicar of Pachamama Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
What a shame! Please Benedict XVI, come back, because the clerics you left in charge are paganizing everything they touch.