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Highly reccomended list

Tearing grace into one's soul.
Most excellent rules to strive to live by
Am i naively thinking : Who authored this list ? How has it been passed to what congregation?
My self i believe i sin more then 7 times daily
@sheepette Why cut caffeine?
Lisi: Not too good for your body, generally. I think I'm addicted, so a difficult penance.
#6, cut caffeine, eat something you don't like that's good for you, some fasting from internet.
I've read that a person sins at least 7 times a day. I've examined my conscience and still can't think of 7. Any suggestions that I may be overlooking?
Ave Crux
How generously have you mortified self-will in order to die to self, give deference to the other and always do the most perfect in order to please God? If we are not striving for spiritual perfection and sanctity at each moment, we are using badly the time given us by God. Poor use of time is a considerable sin. Each moment given us by God was intended to be used to give Him Glory. Our Lord … More
Thank you for this. I never thought of it before.
Any suggestions for #6 from the folks out there!