Cardinal Müller: German Pro-Homosex Bishops "not normal"

Cardinal Gerhard Müller criticised an unanimous declaration of German bishops that homosexuality is "normal." According to Müller, "normal" would be if bishops were faithful to their promise of …
So normal that hell is full of them.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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That's it? "It's not normal." Is that what you say to "bishops" much less laymen who say sodomy is normal?!! Where is the declaration of excommunication?!!!
Some bishops ,behavior and what they stand for its not catholic and we should becareful in accepting what they profess
Susi 47
the fals mammon has damaged their brains, as well as their club membership
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O Maoleoin
The Sword of Damocles.
Great another pointing out of things we already know. Please lord rise up bishops and cardinals with back bone to fight for us little ones...
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